A promise of love

Good Morning Friends! Last week I posted on my personal FB page about my hideous bathroom. I said in that post that the highlight of said bathroom was my own, very quirky, much loved, naughty Cat, Chewpy. I was being sarcastic about the situation given the fact that Chewpy lives in our walk in closet(by her own choice)and uses every square inch of it as her own personal pooping ground! She has 3, yes 3 litter boxes in there along with a fluffy bed, cat tree, toys etc.. and still choices to poo wherever and whenever she likes. It is not normal poo either. We have spent many a dollar trying to find out what is wrong with her. We have tried medicines, special food, you name it, we have tried it. Sadly, she continues to make me CRAZY every day with her bad potty habits. That being said, she is mine and I love her. I made a promise to her when she was rescued from a terrible situation that she would never suffer again. I promised and I meant it! It is so very easy to love the loveable and cute babies. We see it all of the time, the cuties are the first to be adopted. The sweet souls that have quirks or are left troubled by the neglectful/abusive home from which they came from have a much harder time finding those special people that are able to see beyond the behavior and offer them a new, better life, filled with all of the love they all deserve. One of the reasons I love ARF so much is that we see all of them as beautiful, quirks and all! They all deserve a Family, love and all good things that a happy life offers. The way we see it is that none of us are perfect(I can speak for myself and say I am far, far from it!). Those who love us accept us as we are, quirks and all. As we all know our sweet animals are the ultimate love givers, accepting us, loving us in spite of what is done to them. They will kiss the hand that beats them. I feel you could search the world over and never find a truer , more loyal friend than your Pet. I remind myself everyday as I am cleaning up poo that if the tables were turned, Chewpy would do that, and more, for me! I encourage everyone to always remember the promises made to the Animals in our lives, before giving them up to ARF or to any shelter please remember to them, we are their entire world. The sun rises and sets around their beloved people, even if their people do not notice or deserve it. Please let us always be mindful of their goodness and all they so willingly give to us all. They are all wonderful and deserve all of the goodness we can possibly give them. At ARF, we always will continue to try to find those special homes for those special babies who will have their happily ever after. It is our promise to them. We said it and we meant it!!

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