Hello Friends, I am sure many of you are sleeping now so I will try to type softly so I won’t wake you! It is well after 1:00 in the morning and sleep will not fall over me. I am sure it is the result of a very busy, very stressful week. In the world of Animal rescue there is no stop time. We all live our lives in between calls of Animals in distress, questions about Animals and all of the day to day stuff needing attention to care for the Animals in our care! After twenty plus years of doing this one would think I would be used to it! I find that as I get older my heart is more fragile. I love all Animals so much it causes my heart to have tiny little cracks in it every time I see or hear a sad story. This week has been way too full of sad stories!! From the poor Babies that were so sick no medicines or medical treatment could help them, the never ending litters of kittens needing a safe place to come to, the unknowing pets whose lives are about to be turned upside down because their much loved owners are moving and can’t take them with them… the list goes on and on. Sometimes I just cry. Today was one of those days. I won’t go in to details, I would never want to disrespect the kindhearted people who are in a sad situation. ARF is helping them and hopefully the lives of their pets will be much better for it. Still, every time I close my eyes I see those faces and my heart breaks a little more. I know tomorrow is a new day,  there will be more calls, more Animals in need and many problems we can not solve but there will also be joy. Joy in knowing the sweet Babies we have in our care are now safe and loved. Joy felt as they become part of  new Families promising to love them forever. It is pure joy that fills those tiny cracks in our hearts to allow us to keep trying to help as many as we can. For those of us who rescue, that is the greatest joy of all! Sweet dreams my Friends, thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts. Tomorrow will be a good day, I am sure of it!!

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