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Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) is a 501 c 3 no-kill animal rescue. No animal is euthanized due to lack of space, age, or manageable illness. The purpose of ARF is to provide shelter, medical care and love to abused, abandoned and neglected animals until permanent homes can be found. ARF seeks to relieve animal suffering; prevent cruelty, abuse and neglect; to eliminate overpopulation and euthanasia as a means of animal control, creating a “no-kill” community.

ARF is located at:

1209 W. Riggin Rd.
Muncie, IN 47304

765-282-ARFF (2733)


ARF Founder - Terri PanziARF was founded in June of 1998 by animal advocate Mrs. Terri Panszi. At the time of founding Mrs. Panszi, worked as an x-ray technician at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, using her paychecks to pay rent in a small building that held approximately 20-30 animals. In the beginning, she was the only person involved with the cleaning, feeding and daily caretaking of the animals. She also handled all the adoptions and fundraising.

Although ARF began as a sanctuary for homeless animals, ARF has since expanded its services to the community, including programs such as SNIP (Spay and Neuter In-Need Pets), which provides free or very low-cost altering for pets of low-income families; Pounds for Hounds, a summer-time dog-walking program funded by a grant from the Delaware County Health Department; and the Nibble Nook, which offers free pet food and straw to families in need so no animal is cold or hungry.

Since opening its doors in 1998, ARF has moved to its current location on 1209 W. Riggin Road. ARF is able to stay on the property rent free, though ARF pays all utility and maintenance bills associated with the property. ARF consists of a sanctuary program for animals with behavioral or medical issues making them less suitable for adoptions; a free roaming cat house, that houses approximately 60 cats every day in large rooms with groupings of approximately 15 cats per room; and an adoption center for our adoptable dogs. ARF has an administrative building on campus with a secretary at the front desk to assist visitors Monday through Saturday.

ARF is a shelter where the animals do not spend day after day in a crate or kennel, but rather in rooms equipped with beds, toys, windows and other animals, if personalities allow. ARF now has 1 full-time and 6 part-time employees to care for the animals, maintain the property, keep track of records, and meet the public during adoption hours.

Contact Muncie ARF

1209 W. Riggin Rd.
Muncie, Indiana 47304

(765) 282-ARFF (2733)


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